I’m rich

Waiting in the queue slowly moving queue. Yes, slowly the person who stands first in the queue making it slow. He is showing how rich he is.. ordering the variety of popcorns, beverages. In that queue, some of them are not that much rich. Calculations are going into my mind whenever on TV screens they showing the prices. 2 samosa 100, Large Pepsi 220 (800+ ml), Regular One 200 (500+ ml)… items are large as their price.

picture credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/3dman_eu-1553824/

My mom is feeling hungry. I cannot go back once I get into the theatre. Only we can come out once the show is finished for that it takes 3 hrs at least. One side I thought ok we cannot buy. once the movie is finished we have dinner with family in the decent hotel.. on the other side… ‘no dude, you should buy something you earning decent money correct?. spend at-least some bucks your mother is feeling hungry how could she enjoy the movie with this!’. In the meantime, the queue is moving slowly… I’m in a confusion which one has to buy… 2 samosas or mini popcorn… confusion.. confusion.

That time came, Now I’m standing first in the queue, the person behind me speaking to his friend… like what I thought. I heard them about their confusion between samosa or popcorn.

Finally, I have strong my voice and said “One Large Pepsi and One Chicken puff”… the person in the counter.. looked me with a little smile.. and Says Rs.350.. with a little pride took a 500 rs note from my wallet.. saying to myself ‘see I’m also Rich here’.. moved from there!

*note: puff was not good.. it not even worth for 10 rupees. I don’t walk about talking about another one I bought.